Dakine Andy Irons Pro Traction Surf Pad Black

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Dakine Andy Irons Pro Traction Surf Pad Black

The Dakine Andy Irons Pad is a 3-part surfboard grip deck in the cool design of the surf professional of the same name. The tail pad has a 20mm tail kick that allows you to exert a lot of pressure on your surfboard. The Dakine Positraction material and the 5mm central arch offer you optimal support and a lot of grip. Whether in icy water or in warm tropical waters, the Dakine Pad always remains handy without rubbing your knees. Dakine only uses the best 3M PSA adhesive to guarantee that your Surf Traction Pad can never come off by itself. In addition, the Dakine Friendly Foam is 100% biodegradable.

Further information

How do I properly glue the Surf Traction Pad to my board? Before you eternalize your new Dakine Surf Pad on your surfboard, you have to carefully remove any dirt (sand, wax, etc.) from the surface. Next, you need to make sure where your feet are on the board so that the Surf Traction Pad is tailored to your surfing style. Now you put the Dakine Surf Pad without removing the foil, accordingly on the board and draw the exact outline with a pencil. Now you can peel off the foil and attach the pad securely. Please wait 24 hours and let's go!

Product details

  • Dimensions: 30 x 31 cm
  • revenues Irons Family Trust Foundation benefit

Product Features

  • Dakine Positraction material / grid structure for maximum grip
  • Friendly Foam (biodegradable foam)
  • 3-piece pad
  • 5mm central arch
  • 20mm tail kick with beveled edges
  • Special 3M® adhesive for maximum durability
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