Axis 380mm HA Carbon Rear Wing

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Axis 380mm HA Carbon Rear Wing

2021 series

Narrow (only 60mm chord), High Aspect Ratio 7.99AR, flatter foil section, and 17mm winglets on the tips for more stability while hard carving. FAST and high performance.

It will take your ride to the next level.

Some of our pros love the 380 with the AXIS PNG 910 and the Crazyshort fuselage. It's also an amazing winging rear wing. No matter what your foiling sport is, the 380 will make it fast.

Check out the video below from Huntington Beach, pumping and hunting for bumps on the above setup.

WINGSPAN: 380 mm / 14.96 in 

CHORD: 60 mm / 2.36 in


ACTUAL AREA : 193.04 cm² / 29.92 IN² 

PROJECTED AREA: 180.62 cm² / 28 IN² 

VOLUME: 69.11 cm³ / 4.22 IN³ 

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