At Aloha Prea Necklace

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This necklace with a wave shaped hanger and a small beaded chain is designed to remind ourselves that only you choose which wave you will ride by following your salty heart. This necklace with an open wave charm is a perfect gift for a loved one or friend who wants to feel close to the ocean. 

at Aloha tip: wear this necklace alone or layer with others for a statement look. 

All you need to know about this necklace

Size: chain length 46 cm, charm diameter 10 mm
Colour: silver
Material: 925 sterling silver
Care: Handle with care ♥ Perfect for everyday use, wear in and out of the sea without color fading.  
Extra info: each item is made by hand in Indonesia; this ensures that the item can deviate slightly from the photo in details and shape. This is in line with the unique and beachy character of at Aloha. 

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