At Aloha Hawaiian Flower Earstud

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This cute little Hawaiian flower earrings is designed to fill your soul with the Hawaiian spirit of a colourful beach kinda life. The perfect gift for your sweet and salty friends. 

at Aloha tip: create everyday an new beachy statement by combining different earrings together.

All you need to know about this earrings

Sold as Single Earring (1 piece) or Pair (2 pieces)
These earrings are sold single but look beautiful as a pair - if you would like a pair just add option pair to your cart. 

We cannot accept returns on this item for hygiene reasons, unless faulty.

Size: 13mm
Colour: silver
Material: 925 sterling silver
Care: Handle with care ♥ Perfect for everyday use, wear in and out of the sea without colour fading.  
Extra info: each item is made by hand in Indonesia, this ensures that the item can deviate slightly from the photo in details. This is in line with the unique and beachy character of at Aloha.

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