Appletree Appleslice Surf Foil

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Choose stock if you want your board shipped right away. You only have to choose the size. 

If a size is not in stock, By Appletree, a back order can be placed. The delivery time will then be about 6 weeks.

Appleslice SURF Width Thickness Volume
4’2” 18.2” 2.99”  32.5L
4’4” 18.5” 3.00”  33.9L
4’6” 19.0” 3.01”  36.6L
4’8” 19.5” 3.02”  39.1L
4’10” 20.0” 3.03” 41.5L
5’0” 20.5” 3.04” 44 L

The Appleslice comes in two size ranges. Small sizes from 4’2” to 5’0” for prone surf (description below). And as a dedicated WING/SUP model.

Appleslice Surf foil board

For maximum performance and controlled rides! The Appleslice Surf is a really compact design, that you can surf quite small. There are quite some liters packed into the small outline. When picking a size, look at the volume more than the length as you can probably get away with a smaller size than you might think. 

Board features

The Applesauce Surf features a unique concave deck. This deck design gives a really secure “locked in” feeling when paddling. When standing up, the feet are equally locked in for a really controlled ride. It also makes the deck lower and closer to the foil for a more direct feeling. 

On the bottom we find our new 4 to 3 stage bevel design that we also have on our new kite race model. Which can only mean one thing: it’s fast! It has taken inspiration from our Pro foil design, with the boat hull that splits the water and helps with release. But with a flatter 3 stage bevel middle section, to help with early planing and easy takeoff. 

Our unique technology makes the Appleslice Surf super light and stiff. This is essential to feel the foils every move and control accordingly. This allows you to make great progress in your foil surfing skills.  



Tech Details

Two Futures US boxes connect the foil to your carbon paddle foil board. The boxes are positioned in the most common configuration at 90mm to accept most foils in the market. This connection system is the strongest and lightest available. The boxes are set in a high density PET honeycomb, that in term is sandwiched in carbon. So there is carbon fibre inside the board as well. This makes the foil connection ultra strong, and really stiff for the perfect energy transfer from board to foil.

Appleslice Surf foil board includes

The stock boards come with a matte finish, in white with the carbon shining through. Please choose a custom Appleslice if you want a different colour or inserts. 


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