Appletree Mini Foil Kite Foil Board

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Choose stock if you want your board right away. You only have to choose the size. 

If a size is not in stock, by Appletre, a back order can be placed. The delivery time will then be about 6 weeks.


Mini Foil  Width Thickness Volume Weight *
3’2” 17,8” 1,52” 13,16L 1,6 KG
3’6” 18” 1,62” 15,6L 1,8 KG
3’10” 18.2” 1.72” 18,48L 2.0 KG
4’2” 18.4″ 1.82” 21,52L 2.2 KG
4’6” 18.6” 1.92” 24,86 L 2.4 KG

Full carbon kite foil board

The Mini Foil is our small and ultra light full carbon kite foil board. If you like cruising around and having the most fun on light wind days, this could be your board. All our foil boards are made of full carbon. There is no glass fibre hidden underneath the carbon fibre. Carving, pumping, looping or sitting down, this board can handle it.

Easy to control

We made this kite foil board super light and stiff, to give the best response. You can really feel the foils every move and control accordingly. Our experience in building the lightest and strongest carbon kiteboards to now also build the lightest and strongest carbon foil boards possible. In the standard configuration the 4’2 board is only 2.2KG’s. But the smaller ones are even lighter. And all of this in a matte black stealth carbon finish as standard. Or customise the board to your needs.


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