Appletree Malus Domestica 5'2"

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5’2″ 18.00″ 2.0″ 22 Liter 2.9 KG

Boards worden alleen met verzendkosten verstuurd!

The first thing you notice on the Malus domestica is its extreme bottom contour. But this is not where the board started. When designing a board, we first try and find the best combination of rocker, outline and rails. Only when we have this balance right we add stuff like crazy tails and bottoms to make the board better. And more exiting! The deep concaves on the rail give the board great stability when riding upwind. The bottom follows the deck contour, making the effective rail thinner and better through chops, without making the board itself too thin. The concaves cut the rocker in the middle of the bottom, this creates a super effective surface for the water to pass underneath. Making the board really fast and early planning. This is a super allround kiteboard!

The Malus Domestica comes with 5 fin boxes as standard, giving you the choice of riding quad or thruster.

White-line Boards have FUTURES fin boxes as standard. The two side fin boxes are in teal color.

The deck of the white-line boards are lined with the hex-skin single layer sandwich with an extra internal patch under the front foot. This construction has proven to be more than strong enough for almost all riders, especially with a deck pad. White-line is the best balance in flex, weight and durability for most riders.




  • Appletree Malus Domestica
  • Noseless
  • White Line editie
  • Ontworpen voor Freestyle / kleine golven
  • Futures vin setup
  • Glasvezel constructie
  • Drievoudige concaaf
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