AppleTree KiteSurf Foil 4'2"

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

Voor de ultieme kite-foil-ervaring raden we de Mini-foil aan (geef dit aan bij je bestelling en er worden pluggen voor de footstraps in gezet + €50,-).


Levertijd ± 5 weken


Hex-skin Carbon

Hex-skin Carbon is similar in composition to the hex-skin Glass boards. But instead of glass we use 100% carbon fibre, there is no glass hidden underneath the top layer of carbon. Using carbon makes the board lighter and it makes it stick to your feet even better. Because the board is so light, it flows over the chops a lot better than you might expect.

To give the carbon boards their unique look the deck is finished with a tinted resin, that can be customised, pick your own color or mix multiple for a truly one of a kind board.


surf foil  Width Thickness Volume Weight
4’2 19.3” 2.1” 25 L 2.5kg
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