Appletree Applino

Beschikbaarheid: In backorder

Target production time for custom boards is about 6 weeks, but we will keep you informed during production.

If you would like more customisation, feel free to contact us!


AP Width Thickness Volume   Surfer weight*
5’3″ 18.5″ 1.9″ 20.6 L   55-75 KG
5’5″ 18.75″ 2.0″ 22 L   75-85 KG
5’7″ 18.8″ 2.1″ 24 L   >85 KG


Advanced allround strapless kiteboard

The Applino is designed to match Paulino Pereira’s style of strapless kitesurfing as much as possible. Explosive and powerful, yet stylish and smooth. Best for kiting in the waves or performing strapless freestyle tricks in flat water. It’s Paulino’s go-to board in the World-tour contests, a reliable partner in all conditions. It’s the ultimate advanced allround strapless kiteboard.

The rocker is moderate with a decent kick in the last foot of the board to improve responsiveness. With a single concave running into a V in behind the front fins. All there to make the board loose and snappy while maintaining control.



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