Appletree 6.1” Applepie V2 Orange

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Appletree 6.1” Applepie V2 Orange

Futures Fin Box


6’1” 21.2” 2.7” 37,9 L


The allrounder

Our all-round model, for intermediate to advanced surfers sub- optimal conditions.

More performance orientated than the Jonagold, this means you have to generate more of your own speed on the wave. The upside: you gain control. A board that surfs well in the steeper part of the wave but it still has a generous glide surface for easy paddling and acceleration. Compared to the Jonagold, the Applepie is thinner and has more rocker, and its outline is more pulled in at the tail and nose. A good middle ground shape that provides fun in the North Sea and elsewhere! For the new V2 version we updated the rocker and fine tuned the outline. It surfs even smoother than before.

Pick a size 4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard length but with the same volume or even a little more, depending on your level.

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