Aloha 9'4" Pintail Nose Rider

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A traditional nose rider with a modern touch. Ideal for points and beach breaks.

The pintail nose rider shares a lot of similarities to the Log but as the name suggest is more setup for nose riding.
It has a little more tail rocker to help hold the tail of the board in the wash when up on the nose coupled with a nose concave to provide control and lift.  It has a slightly finer ‘egg rail’ to engage into the wave face for a stable, controlled ride and the plan shape is also a little more generous in the nose to allow easy walking and cross-stepping.  The pintail is a very forgiving and versatile tail shape that can be turned or jammed easily to match the speed of the wave. This board is available in three sizes, including a ten footer for the bigger surfer and is an asset in the quiver for both beach-breaks and point-breaks.


9'4 x 23 x 3 (73.36L)


Longboards worden niet verstuurd!

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