XRail Wetsuit Hanger

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XRail Wetsuit Hanger

Eco-friendly – Made from 100% recycled plastic.

Travel ready – Lightweight and easy to pack.

Reliable – Can support up to 5kg.

Pegless hanging – Includes a bungee cord system for hanging your hood, gloves and boots.

Crease-free – Ergonomic design ensures wetsuit won’t crease at the waist.

Practical – Take your wetsuit and wetgear on and off with ease.

Convenient – Can be affixed to multiple surfaces in your home, shed, garage or on your boat.

Introducing the XRail Wetsuit Hanger by EXIT. The secret to making your wetsuit last longer.


The XRail hangs your wetsuit without stretching it! Ensuring new wetsuits continue feeling new, old wetsuits keep kicking and that you can save money on buying a replacement.
It also:

  • Evenly distributes the weight of your wetsuit by folding it at the waist. Taking the burden of carry off the neck and shoulders and eliminating stretching that would otherwise render your wetsuit ineffective.
  • Dries your wetsuit evenly thanks to its hexagonal cell construction that promotes airflow and gets you back in the water sooner.
  • Won’t crease your wetsuit at the waist like traditional hangers thanks to the width of its main arm.
  • Allows you to hang your wetsuit up in an almost endless variety of placesso you can always find somewhere to dry your wetsuit.
  • Won’t buckle under the weight of all your gear courtesy of its sturdy plastic construction that can support up to 5kg.
  • Is made from 100% recycled plastic with minimal packaging, which reduces unnecessary waste and makes it tremendously eco-friendly.
  • Fits wetsuits and wetgear of all sizes unlike some hangers that are limited to a certain size of suit.


If you’ve been looking for a hanger that dries without damaging your wetsuit and wetgear?


Traditional wetsuit hangers stretch your wetsuit around the shoulders and the neck area.

As the neoprene is stretched, the seal around the neck becomes looser, allowing water to infiltrate your suit.

And given you’re wearing a wetsuit because the water is cold? Any leak is a bad leak and no amount of wettie warmers (see: peeing in your wetsuit) are going to keep you warm.



Don’t stretch your wetsuit. Hang it with XRail and dry it right.

Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 50 × 7.5 × 6 cm
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