GNT Grip 'n' Traction Surf Grip

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GNT Grip 'n' Traction Surf Grip


One pack of GNT comes with 40 Stickers (transparent). Check the illustrations for application examples. Each pack has one green GNT sticker as a bonus and a little gift.

■ Top Features

  • No surfboard wax needed - Replaces any front deck grip
  • Sustainable by Design - One board, one GNT job.
  • Lightweight - 40 Stickers weight less than 5 grams (0.18 oz.)
  • Easy Use - Apply Once, Surf Plenty.
  • Clean Surf - Forget sand messing up your board or wax on your stuff.
  • Ultra Versatile - You free up your creativity.
  • All Temperatures - Superior stick in any sea water temperature.
  • Born in Ericeira - Developed and tested on world class waves

■ Specifications: 

  • A standard pack of GNT by SURFSTYK  includes 40 high performance sticker
  • 40 Sticker cover a surface of roughly 440x500mm or 0.22 m2 (varies with application technique)
  • 40 Sticker weight < 5 g (applied)
  • One sticker in the standard shape and non-rotated position is 79x79mm
  • Rotated the sticker is +/- 100x70mm
  • Ultra thin one sticker < 250 µm (without transfer paper)
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