Flexi-Hex LITE Surfboard Transport Packaging

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Flexi-Hex LITE Surfboard Transport Packaging

Flexi-Hex changes the way boards are packaged.
The strength and design of Flexi-Hex allows for a multi-use lifespan, ensuring the safe transportation of boards to their destination and onwards.

Packing Sleeve 1100 x 45 x 30 mm
Expands to 60 cm width.
Our LITE sleeve provides additional protection suitable for Short Surfboards, Snowboards, Ski, Skateboards.

Flexi-Hex is simply made of paper yet it is surprisingly strong and can be used as an alternative to plastic packaging under a board bag or cardboard shipping box. Flexi-Hex will help get your board to it's destination damage free and once Flexi-Hex starts to break down is fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with their impact on the natural environment. With public awareness around single-use packaging and the devastating effect of plastic marine litter at an all time high, implementing Flexi-Hex into your packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste, and show your customers you are actively reducing your environmental footprint.

Cardboard is not only affordable, accessible, lightweight, and completely recyclable, it is also surprisingly strong and durable. The sleeves are designed to not only protect the rails but the deck, nose and tail.
Flat crush test = 31,000 kg/m2

Flexible Sizing
The hexagonal cellular structure allows flexibility to fit almost any shape surfboard. To allow for varying sizes, Flexi-Hex is made of two open ended modular sleeves cut to size and fixed at the center point.

Once nested on top of each other, the system creates 30mm of separation between surfboards, further protecting them during shipping.

100% recyclable and biodegradable
Easy to assemble
High Compression Resistance
Flexible Sizing
Space Saving


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